Financial targets

"In the first quarter, the situation and outlook in the global economy and the financial markets picked up to some degree. Information about the start of vaccinations has created positive expectations, and demand has remained strong or strengthened. This year, we expect the market situation of our customer industries to remain favorable and for things to get better also in areas that have not yet experienced an upturn. " (Interim report Q1 2021)

Raute's strategic goals are to improve our profitability and maintain it at a good level, to have the ability to adjust to variations in economic cycles, and controlled growth. Our financial goal is to grow faster than the markets, remain financially sound and offer our investors competitive returns.

As the actualization of our goals is strongly tied to the development of the global economy as well as the timing of our customers' individual investments, we do not disclose time-bound target values for our financial goals.


Strategic goal

Key actions in achieving these goals 2010

Grow faster than the market


  • the acquisition of Hiottu Oy
  • 55 MEUR contract with the Russian LLC Plitwood
  • significant investments in development and launches of new products, main focus on technologies for emerging markets
  • continued efforts in China and other emerging markets

Improve profitability


  • temporary layoffs of white-collar personnel in Finland due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • initiated a large IT system renewal project
  • investments in developing Technology Services business

Maintain strong balance sheet

  • Equity ratio 59.3%


Competitive returns to investors

  • EUR 0.80 dividend*
  • 3.5% effective dividend return*


*Board's proposal to the AGM to be held on March 31, 2021.